Sunday, May 27, 2012

oh and one more thing...

I found this really great blog, Meet Me At Mikes, and have decided to do the "A Granny A Day".   I have always wanted to learn to make granny squares and they've never come out quite right until now!  Pip at Meet Me At Mikes has a complete set of instructional videos that have me now whipping out these granny squares.  What fun, I just have to hit the yarn store and add some more brightly colored wool to my collection of mostly neutrals.  Wish I could figure out how to put the "A Granny A Day" button on my blog, go over to Meet Me At Mikes and check it out.
i've made 9 granny squares!


  1. I like the sophisticated look of these 2 colors together.
    I actually took some denim granny squares which were cut from old jeans that don't fit me anymore made a square for an old dining room chair (cushion part) that needed recovering. I then sewed a autumn coloured crocheted granny square in the middle to break the monotony. It looks really cute and shabby chic'ish.
    I also made a denim pouch for my Tracfone smart phone LG500G's touch screen so that it wouldn't get scratched. From my dad's old denim shirt I cut a giraffe motive to sew onto the denim pouch.
    I love it when I can recycle old clothes into something gorgeous or useful.

    1. Hi Anette, love your use of denim, I have piles of old jeans and will have to come up with a creative use for them, nothing like that indigo blue!